Hanging Cylinder - Dark Oak

* inclusief luchtplant

€30.00 EUR

Indoor airplant design holder

“The centre of gravity of any cylinder is the point of bisection of the axis” - Aristoteles

Are you dreaming to create a space to relax and unfold after a busy day? Hanging Cylinders will add a magic touch of zen to any interior. You can also choose to place it on your table and use it as a unique wooden vase for airplants. The Cylinder is made from top quality oak, covered with natural dark oil to protect the wood. It is manufactured in Europe to leverage the local, skillful craftsmanship. The wood used has been responsibly sourced  and is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Includes: Airplant of choice, cord 1.5 m (fabric or transparent), basic ceiling hook



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